Deer Decoy Tip - Tail Trick Deer Decoys (with swishing tail) lure bucks closer for a shot opportunity.
TAIL TRICK Deer Decoys Swishing Tail Lures Bucks Closer - Creates Shot Opportunities BUY NOW CREATE SHOT OPPORTUNITIES - Get Your TAIL TRICK Deer Decoy Today!
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Deer Decoy Tips - Decoying Whitetail Bucks When decoying whitetail bucks, you need all the help you can get. Here are six deer decoy tips. 1   Know What to Expect   When whitetail bucks first see the swishing tail of a TAIL TRICK Deer Decoy, they usually stop and stare at it for a moment or two. Then, bucks begin to move toward the decoy. When they come into range shot opportunities are created. 2   Don’t Crowd Whitetail Bucks All whitetail deer have a Personal Space Boundary (PSB). This is the distance they keep between themselves and deer (your decoy) they don't know. This personal space boundary is approximately 25-50 feet long. The PSB is longer with some deer and shorter with others. TAIL TRICK Deer Decoys were designed to bring bucks up to the their Personal Space Boundary with unknown deer (your decoy). Once a buck reaches his PSB with another deer (or decoy) he will often begin to show signs of aggression, submission or a willingness to socialize. Only the more dominant deer will breech the personal space boundary. 3   Place Your TAIL TRICK Deer Decoy in Food Plots and Open Woods TAIL TRICK Deer Decoys are not ambush products. If you’re trying to hunt deer where they have limited visibility because of thick brush or timber, you don't need a deer decoy. Place your decoy in food plots and open woods so that the decoy is not within a deer’s Personal Space Boundary when he first sees it. The decoy should have at least 50-60 feet of “free” space on each side of it. 4   When the Buck Stops, Take the Shot! Whitetail bucks will often walk and feed in a circle around a TAIL TRICK Deer Decoy. When bucks approach their PSB with the decoy they will often stop and stare. This is a great shot opportunity. Expect it and be prepared for it! 5   Know the Four Reasons Why Deer Come to Decoys Whitetail bucks move closer to TAIL TRICK Deer Decoys in order to: feed, socialize, dominate, or mate. Younger deer will be more interested in socializing. Mature bucks will be more interested dominating or mating if the rut is on. 6   Keep Your Decoy Scent Free Always use latex gloves to handle your Tail Trick Deer Decoy in order to keep it free of human scent. Since buck lures, deer scent, deer pee, and estrus scents may sour  after a period of time and spook bucks, place it near the decoy but not on it.   Better deer hunting from TAIL TRICK Deer Decoys! TAIL TRICK Deer Decoys The Leader in Visual Deer Attractants Copyright JSG Ventures Inc. 2014 Deer Rut Decoy      Food Plot & Rut Deer Decoy Deer Decoy Tips - Decoying Whitetail Bucks      Deer Calls, Antler Ratting, and Decoys Deer Rut Tactics and Decoys    How to Hunt Deer with a Decoy       Whitetail Buck Behavior and Decoys      Whitetail Hunting Methods and Strategies      Deer Decoy User's Guide      Buy Now      Videos      Reviews    Pro Staff       About Us      Privacy Policy      Return Policy      Dealers      Site Map
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