Grazing Doe Deer Decoy

Deer Decoy Placement and Setup Tips


Deer Decoy Placement and Setup
"This buck is about to stop at the PSB."

When hunting whitetails, you need all the help you can get. Here are eight tips for hunting whitetails with a Tail Trick Deer Decoy.

Tip #1: Tail Trick Deer Decoys are designed to attract deer in the distance or hiding in cover. When whitetails see the swishing tail, they look at it for a moment and then move towards the decoy. This creates a shot opportunity when they come in range

Tip #2: Place Tail Trick Deer Decoys in open woods and food plots. Your decoy should not be within a deer's Personal Space Boundary when he first sees it.

Tip #3:: All whitetails have a Personal Space Boundary (PSB). This is the distance they keep between themselves and deer (or deer decoys) they don't know. This personal space boundary is 25-50 feet long. With some whitetails the distance is longer and with others the distance is shorter.

Tip #4: Tail Trick Deer Decoys were designed to bring whitetails up to the decoy's Personal Space Boundary. Once deer come up to the personal space boundary of another whitetail deer (or deer decoy) they will often begin to show signs of aggression, submission or a willingness to socialize. Only the more dominant deer will breech the personal space boundary. Whitetail bucks will often walk and feed in a circle around a Tail Trick Deer Decoy.

Tip # 5:When the buck stops - take the shot! When whitetail deer approach the PSB of the decoy they often stop and stare. This is a great shot opportunity. Expect It! Plan for it!

Deer Decoy Placement and Setup
"When the buck stops - take the shot!"

Tip #6: Whitetails move closer to the decoy in order to: feed, socialize, dominate, or mate. Each deer has his own reasons for moving closer to the decoy.

Tip #7:Tail Trick Deer Decoys are not ambush products. If you are trying to ambush whitetails where they have limited visibility because of thick brush or thick timber, you don't need this product.

Tip #8:Always use latex gloves to handle your Tail Trick Deer Decoy in order to keep it free of human scent.

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